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Implementing a Gluten-Free and Casein-Free Diet

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Here are links to other sites that have to do with gluten and casein-free diets, other interventions, and ASD. Please let me know about your own favorite sites, and I'll consider adding them!

This site contains up-to-date information on ingredients and manufactured products, including brand names that are and are not acceptable. It also includes information about the gfcf diet, and additional tips for implementing it.

This site includes information about this non-profit organization dedicated to improving mutual understanding between individuals with autistic spectrum disorders and those who interact with them in the home, workplace, and community. Information is available on resources related to autistic spectrum disorders, including Social Stories, a quarterly magazine called, THE MORNING NEWS, and others.

This site is my favorite place to go for information and support about Asperger's Syndrome!

This company has done a wonderful job of producing delicious gfcf products. They even identify which products are also free of soy, corn, and other allergens! We particularly like their candies and vitamins--special treats for picky kids and discriminating adults!

Want to know more about the science and research behind the diet? Check out this web site for information, as well as helpful suggestions.

Celiac Disease is the term used for those who have a true gluten intolerance. This web site is a wonderful resource for information on removing gluten from your diet.

This site contains additional information about the gfcf diet, as well as testing for the liklihood of an intolerance.

Check out this site for information, resources, and support on autistic spectrum disorders.

New Diets presents GFCF recipes in addition to essays, poetry, and other information of interest.

Another site to learn about how the foods you eat may affect you.

Check out this site for answers to questions about sensory integration dysfunction. Learn about risk factors, symptoms, and treatments.

Although these web sites have been helpful to the author of this site, their inclusion on this page do not necessarily constitute an endorsement by Laurel A. Hoekman or by The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding.